Dear Reader,Hi, I am Gregg Connor, Daddy to Louis Jacob, and a Business Development Consultant, Charity founder,  Angel Investor and Entrepreneur.

Following a more than likely midlife crisis this year 2017, the result this Spring of botched knee surgery, causing infection, deep vein thrombosis, and further emergency surgery.  I am a keen (and very grateful) sports enthusiast enjoying Golf, Tennis, Swimming and Mountain Biking.

The trauma my body went through this Spring and the mental and physical side effects have made me totally re-evaluate my life, health and the way I now treat and maintain my body for the second act I have ahead of me (Hopefully).

This blog site really is to share my experience and maybe get a chance to swap war stories with some of you, support each other along the way and provide a place where people can make an informed decision whether fasting is for them?

I have during the process come up with a planned way to incorporate fasting into my life and I am happy to share on here to see if it can benefit others.

I hope you enjoy my humble little site.


Greg x            October 2017.



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