My Personal Plan

Dear Reader, this is how I set out my own personal fasting journey, so it made sense in my cluttered head. I needed to make it as simple and as straightforward as possible, so even I could stick with it and make it work, yes even Me! You will need to make sure you are totally comfortable with your own plan before you begin, if you can't stick to a particular timeline change the hours until you are able to otherwise it will simply not work. Starting in Month 1 with time restricted eating its simple you're aiming to get down to a daily 6 hour window to eat (18-6 is popular) by Month's end. (try to add more vegtables and cut our refined sugars in the first month, its tough love, but once you see the effects you'll be motivated. Then moving into Month 2, taking a 'day off' a week, I always use Wednesday (helps planning your social) as it felt right for me, and I fell easily into a rhythm (still keeping to a time restricted food intake 6 hour window having added more vegetables and cutting out all refined sugars and white carbs, replace them with whole grain rice, bread and pasta instead). And in Month 3, as you become accustomed to the new regimen, divide the month in to thirds 10-10-10 and try to build up from a 1 day fast in first third, then try a 2 day fast in the middle 10 days and finally my goal of a 3 day fast (72 hours) in final third of the month when you feel you are ready. Then each quarter, 72 hour fast using the experience over the previous weeks to plan the right schedule for you. I hope by documenting my experiences it makes you curious about how you can essentially tap into processes that occur naturally within the body that are undoubtedly of benefit to your health. Taking control of your food intake, becoming aware of what you are putting into your system, the effects of this and coupled with fast results the process is empowering. This massive change to your life, even starting with time restricted eating and cutting down on refined sugars will produce benefits you will feel almost immediately. These benefits have kept me interested and motivated from the start. There are so many low fat/low sugar products i've previously switched to in an effort to try to lose weight, that have ended up being a waste of time (personally speakng). Moving on now I am continuing to experiment and adapt (reading a great deal about Bulletproof plan will be exploring), I am currently fasting every week for 36 hours, Tuesday 6pm to Thursday 12pm. I am moving to a one meal a day regimen (working on menu) throughout December I will be blogging on how my body adapts to this new but logical next step diet plan (especially over a period that includes my Birthday, Christmas and New Year. I am going start to document the difference felt, while fasting, in pain levels I am currently experiencing. Whilst in mild Ketosis* I am finding my chronic knee pain easing slightly,I am really starting (after the last few months) to feel the health benefits and sense of wellbeing on a daily basis. I really hope you gain some small benefit from my experiment in lifestyle change. Let me know. If we get a positive feedback lets do a Podcast, gather up fellow fasters to share their experiences, plans and reasons for incorporating fasting (in one form or another) into their lives as well as recipes, hints and tips to aid getting into, and maximise the benefits of ketosis .!! Thanks for stopping by to view my little site. Greg x * Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. The ketogenic diet aims to burn unwanted fat by forcing the body to rely on fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates.
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