Dear Reader, Its been 4 years to the week we started this little blog…

And after a 2 and a half year hiatus… I am back! I am going to have to start the journey again, having basically given up over the last 20 months of lockdown and feeling sorry for myself. I put on loads of weight, ate poorly and drank too much!

Some summer Tennis and Swimming brought with it the acknowledgement that I am a long way from fit, something had to be done. I have started back to walking a little everyday and I want to try and keep this momentum going.

However, it is with a renewed sense of purpose and the fact none of my bloody clothes fit me anymore, that I yet again embark on my fasting journey with some Keto thrown in and I would like to invite you all to come along for the journey and maybe… just maybe, it will get you started or restarted on your own fasting adventure!

Thank you for dropping in on my little blog, I appreciate everyone of you and look forward to sharing some insights along the way.. much Love as always keep safe… Greg x

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