Breaking Fast…

So I have finished my Wednesday fast this lunchtime (12pm) started at 6pm on Tuesday and broke fast at just now shortly after 12pm Thursday, 36 hours in total and feeling great.

I have broken my fasts in October with a simple plate of scrambled eggs, just to ease my system gently back into the routine of eating.


November is going to mark a small change, Each Thursday I will continue with eggs in the main, but I fancy adding something alongside (today its avocado) maybe frying a couple of over easy eggs with a slice of ham or (a personal favorite) poached eggs with a little smoked salmon and maybe some sliced avocado.


The reason I initially went with eggs to break my 72 hour fast, was simply that, having started the process of Ketosis (using my own fat stores for energy) I felt it would be far easier on my system to digest eggs and ‘good fats’ like avocado, trying to maintain the benefits of the whole exercise, OF putting your body in to a Ketogenic state.

This is all a little advanced for an off the cuff explanation so its best you take the time to read for a professional explanation.

As a mid-afternoon snack, especially if I am exercising, I will always have Sardines or Mackerel fillets in olive oil to hand (a stop-gap Omega 3 rich filler)  until I can get back to prepare a meal.

A quick plug for ‘John West’ there, I was out on a 20k walk and  if I am out for a number of hours I will carry one or two cans in my pack. I tend to buy whatever there is at any given store (and I usually buy sardines with the bones) as long as the fish is in Olive Oil. This just a personal preference as I dislike sunflower oil.


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