November 1st 2017 Fast Day!

Good Morning Dear Reader,

Wednesday (Hump Day & Fast Day) Happy 1st November All!

Every Wednesday I now choose to fast from Dinner time (time restricted 6pm) on Tuesday to Lunchtime 12pm Thursday (again time restricted I eat in a 6-hour window daily).

This isn’t a water-only fast I hit fresh coffee on wake up 7 am, and Ill Bovril or a Baxters Beef  Consommé.(Due to my knee being so bad now after this year’s operations, I need as much collagen as I can get.Bone Broth is also a great sipping supplement Kettle and Fire  is by far the tastiest!!!  best price I can find in UK is £6.89 from iHerb) around 12pm and again around 7pm.


It’s working for me Brilliantly I am keeping weight off and feel lifted and energized all through to the weekend.


I hope you all have a great Wednesday feel free to share your experiences, drop me a note:

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