Month 3 and the 72 Hour Fast…

So Dear Reader, having seen how time-restricted eating, gradually building up over 2 months with small fasts had drastically removed the weight I had gained, I felt ready to move on to a more prolonged fast.

I had the routine down now with Wednesdays as a fast day and sticking to a time-restricted diet the rest of the week.

I had a normal week before the fast and on Monday before I made sure I had plenty of protein and fat as well as some carbohydrates. (See Monday pic)

Sardines and Mackerel fillets in olive oil have become a big part of my diet and I ended my days food intake on Monday evening with a can taking my day’s intake to 3 tins.

Tuesday started with coffee ( I didn’t want to just water as I was drinking so much anyway) I walked all morning breaking for a mug of Bovril in the afternoon.

I had another Bovril in the evening (kind of my dinner replacement) then I drank green tea before bed.

Wednesday and Thursday followed a similar routine I had to drink some coffee later at the end of the day Thursday as I approached 68-70 hour mark.

I have to say I did sleep very very well throughout the entire fast, waking each morning feeling properly refreshed and getting to sleep was easier than I would normally experience. This may have been because during the fast I continued my walking averaging 17.5 Kilometers each of the days. As I move forward with my fasting journey I will monitor effects on sleeping patterns more closely.

I went to bed Thursday evening feeling amazing the coffee had kept the hunger pangs away and had an incredible sense of well being.

Friday morning came and I really didn’t even feel hungry, which was a total surprise, I broke my fast with scrambled eggs and coffee.

I was careful throughout the day to keep to my time-restricted eating schedule and I was surprised at how little interest I actually had in food.

I wasn’t Ravenous as I had fully expected to be! I transitioned back into the normal routine immediately and without any adverse effects.


The feeling of wellbeing and an elevated mood remained over the weekend following my fast and I was really interested to notice how my body actually reacted to what I put into it.

The sardines for lunch on the Friday following felt like rocket fuel and a can containing 3 fillets kept me going with the addition of a banana until dinner that evening.

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