Welcome to The ‘72 Hour Fast’ Dear Reader…

Honestly, I was so blown away! with how good I felt I just wanted to share the experience. I had a crazy moment listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast, and here we are a 72-hour fast blog!

This little site is based on my personal experience, at the time of writing I have no affiliation, financial benefits from any of the products I discuss and any photos are only for information purposes.

I have grand plans but a limited budget … there’s another story behind all this one day to be written so please bear with me while I cobble my ideas together to try to inform you best I can so you are able to make the right choices for you!

What I really want to provide is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your fasting needs, with detailed information from doctors and nutritionists and peoples own experiences. I also thought it would be nice to provide some personal support and encouragement and maybe even a chat room (if I can work out how to do that) WordPress Please help!

What I noticed when I started this journey was there weren’t really many welcoming first timer type sites offering a support or chat. And I felt I could help by documenting what I went through and how I plan to move forward now to incorporate fasting into my life.

I really want to encourage people to share and give accounts and tips and stories and get you to share yours too of this (can be) incredible lifestyle change, it’s not polished and there will be mistakes. I really wanted to share and document my account of the last 3 months of my life and the huge benefit I personally have gained from adopting fasting and by fasting I mean Intermittent Fasting, time controlled eating plus Circadian Rhythm and also my personal Custom fasting.( Yep I have now devised my own plan that I will share with you on a Blog page).


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