Greg’s ‘Zesty’ Lemon & Ginger Water

Oh the Bloody Ego I have !!! ‘Greg’s’ Okay so after my knee operations I was put on some pretty heavy medication to deal with pain.

To try to counter the toxic cocktail of Oxycontin and Naproxen (amongst others) I was forced to take due to the pain, I came up with this little gem to try to flush out some of the bad stuff each day. It was actually based on an overindulgence brew I had come up with years before to boost my system following ‘overindulgence’. 

Firstly I start with organic unwaxed lemons (failing that simply get unwaxed) and a ‘finger’ of ginger. Plus a cap (2 tablespoons) of  Unpasteurised Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Please note that this recipe fills a HUGE 800 ml Mug, and would easily make up to a 1-litre jug of ‘Greg’s Zesty Lemon & Ginger Water’ to be enjoyed as and when you fancied! Alternatively halve everything here to make a large coffee mug!

Into the jug (or large mug) to make a litre (please adjust to your receptacle accordingly!) 

1. First Zest the unwaxed lemon, I do 4 ‘sides’.

2. Add the cap (2 tablespoons) of Apple Cider Vinegar.

3. Slice open the Lemon keeping it intact ( as per photo, just makes it easier to remove you can please yourself) place in mug or jug.

4. Squash the lemon to extract juice using back of a tablespoon.

5. Grate an inch of Ginger finger and add to pressed Lemon and zest.

6. Give the Lemon a final squeeze mixing in the Ginger with the juice and the Apple Vinegar.

7. Add boiling water.

8. Allow to ‘steep’ and cool for 5 minutes.

9. Sip and enjoy the cleansing brew!

Okay now if this is ‘way too strong’ adjust your own recipe accordingly.

I tend to find with my 800ml mug that I can add more boiling water halfway through and the brew is still plenty Zesty!

You can read plenty of articles (I like Healthline as its evidence-based see below) on the benefits of ‘Lemon Water’ and of course Ginger. The benefits of Unpasteurised Apple Cider vinegar have long been known, and here I have chosen to combine all 3 to give me a twice a day detox pick me up, that I really can see working.

Combine this with the intermittent fasting and mysignificant weight loss and maintaining the weight loss isn’t such a miracle at all.

I hope you enjoy please let me know your experiences.

Greg x

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