2018 Happy New Year Fasters!

Dear Reader, I must start the first post of the year by apologising for the lack of content over the last 7 weeks of 2017.

I sat down a few times with a plan to share my personal experiences and how seamlessly I had totally integrated the weekly 36-hour routine, along with the quarterly 72-hour plan that was the basis of this blog.

I kept a strict food and calorie intake journal during the months of the fasting plan and I had also experimented with some new supplements, removing and adding various items to see what effects (if any) good or bad I experienced.

But each time I sat down to share with you I got distracted by a phone call or message or simply lost my thread. I read so much, experimented with foods and supplements in a quest for content for the blog, it all became a blur and muddled and disjointed.

So rather than post for the sake of posting I just continued the plan, kept researching and experimenting with supplements and diets, and prepared like everyone else for Christmas.

The result being I can start the new year focused, with the knowledge I’ve gained through personal experience, and hopefully some interesting things to share with you over the coming year.

Something I did notice and has concerned me a little is my gradual disinterest in food, which I will have to address as we move into the new year. My calorie intake found natural levels over the weeks and months ranging (when not fasting) between 800 and 1400 even during Christmas break which has helped me maintain my weight at 13 stone (82.5 KG).


So thank you for your patience and thank you for reading my little blog, its kept me focused and motivated (along with Fitbit).

I wish you all the very best in 2018 and remember

72 hour fast 2018 cover




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