Why 72 Hours ?

This was an easy one…I am not a bloody fanatic, nor am I a health geek & Sod going without food any longer than you need to, to start the health benefits and regenerative effects.

I think if you read how I have approached this, and follow a general time restrictive pattern most of the week, you can incorporate over time a day or maybe two into your week where you are able to safely fast.

I set out with the intention to fast for one 72 hour period per quarter, giving me 4, full 3-day fasts per year the idea being  February, May,  August and November will be the months I have planned for. 

This allows me to plan and experiment with diets and variations keeping a close track on the results.

One of the main benefits apart, from the obvious weight loss, appears to be to our immune system.

A 2014 study at the University of Southern California found fasting just 72 hours reset the immune system. The study confirms when fasting for three days the body did destroy old white blood cells. Once the subjects started eating food again, their bodies made stronger white blood cells, giving them a boost in immune strength.



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